Conceptspace Wikia

The idea of ConceptSpace is not simply to reproduce wikipedia style articles which already exist for many of the concepts here. The main focus is on crosslinks. Pages should try to include at least 3 links to other ConceptSpace wiki pages. Adding new connections between pages is also appreciated. 

Therefore, lists of concepts should not become exhaustive. The idea is not to catalogue every domain specific concept but to focus only on those high level concepts that have broad applicability. For example, the list of cognitive biases should not aim to reproduce the list as it exists on wikipedia but rather to focus on a few high level categories of biases and relate them to other concepts with short, simple descriptions.

Another focus is on usefulness. Pages should, whenever possible, include multiple examples from the real world. Even better if the example is from a domain outside the domain the concept originated in. A prediction concept applied to group rationality is more interesting than a straightforward prediction example.

Perhaps most importantly, the pages here should be interesting and fun to read. Lots of dry technical explanations already exist. For more ideas on how to optimize the wiki for useful-and-interestingness check out the pedagogical concept list.

Most of the pages on this wiki need:

  • more crosslinks to other concepts
  • relevant quotes
  • relevant examples
  • illustrations
  • edits for readability, coherence, and grammar