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"There are two kinds of people in this world, those who divide the world in to two categories and those who don't."

Dual process theories are theories of cognition that aim to split mental phenomena into two, at least somewhat mutually exclusive states/modes. Like the List of Dimensions, figuring out where a certain kind of reasoning/plan/concept/mental state lies on these spectra can open up new possibilities via inversion.

  • Away vs Towards
  • Back chaining vs Forward Chaining
  • Convergent vs Divergent Thinking
  • Exploration vs Exploitation
  • Farmer vs Forager
  • Fox vs Hedgehog
  • Near vs Far
  • Positive vs Negative desires
  • Open mode vs Closed mode
  • Search-Inference Framework
  • SNS vs PSNS
  • System 1 vs System 2
  • Systems vs Goals
  • Zero/negative sum vs Positive sum thinking