Conceptspace Wikia
  • What if the problem turned out to be easy?
  • What if you woke up and the problem was solved? How would you know? What would be different?
  • What lucky fluke would lead to you getting what you want?
  • How would you solve the problem with arbitrary power? What are the desiderata it would satisfy if there were no tradeoffs?
  • Who/What is the archetype of the thing you want? Who has a little bit more of the thing you want?
  • What would someone awesome do to prepare for a serious effort at solving the problem?
  • Is there a smaller/toy version of the problem you can solve for practice?
  • Have you tried sharpening the problem without looking for a solution?
  • Have you tried granularizing more?
  • Have you tried dumping your thought cache and approaching the problem in open mode?
  • Have you tried filling your attention with the problem?
  • Have you tried propagating constraints from the object level?
  • Give 3 examples, give 3 counter examples
  • Map the idea space (negative capability)
  • Run through habitual problem solving pattern slowly and see if each inference actually makes sense or truly only has one plausible next step.
  • Describe vs explain (explain assumes causal model)
  • Have you tried rubber ducking impressive people?
  • Sensory modalities
    • What would an X version of this idea look/sound/feel like?
      • Loud, Soft
      • Blurry, Sharp
      • Distant, Close
      • Slick, Rough
      • Warm, Cold
      • Wet, Dry
      • Future, Past