Conceptspace Wikia

In the past day have I:

  • Set any intentions for myself
  • Drunk enough water
  • Eaten enough to feel satiated but not full
  • Slept enough to feel rested
  • Taken any indicated medication
  • Taken a shower
  • Brushed my teeth and flossed
  • Stretched
  • Raised my heart rate
  • Read something
  • Written or created something
  • Taken a time out and been present with myself

In the past week have I:

  • Taken one full day off
  • Processed undigested experiences and emotions
  • Visited or spoken with friends/family
  • Made small improvements to my living arrangements
  • Engaged in an activity I enjoy
  • Made progress on a project I care about
  • Helped someone out with their problems
  • Reviewed my habits and intentions
  • Experienced gratitude

In the past month have I:

  • Tried something new
  • Enjoyed an indulgence
  • Spent time in nature
  • Taken a break from an addiction
  • Gotten more self care done than the previous month